Massage Mill Creek for Weight Loss

The first way to loose weight in Oakland County is to get a massage Mill Creek pronto. Massage works wonders for weight loss. We all know that the secretion of stress hormones has many negative consequences for the human body. One of these negative consequences is weight retention. This reaction is hard wired into the body’s fight or flight protective mechanism. When ancient man was under stress he had no time or resources to hunt or gather food. As such it made sense that in addition to the adrenaline needed for energy the human body also needed to store extra fat to make up for the lack of food that he was neither hunting nor gathering.


We all know that having a regular visit with a masseuse works wonders to reduce stress. When stress levels are low the body no longer secretes stress hormones. When these chemicals are no longer present in the body in significant amounts it makes sense that the body would have a lower propensity to retain weight in order to conserve energy and calories for use when there is no time to hunt or gather food.

Man is no longer living in this primitive state of affairs. Food is plentiful (perhaps too plentiful) in western society and there is no need to conserve energy and calories in this manner. But the human body takes a long time to evolve past the mechanisms that helped man survive in prehistoric ancient times. Perhaps some day in the distant future man will have evolved to the state where stress does not cause him to conserve calories in the form of fat deposits in the body. Until that time, man can make regular visits to a masseuse in order to decrease the overall level of stress hormones in the body.

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